Denali: A New Film About a Man, His Dog, and Saying Goodbye

fire on the mountain 6-14-15

I might as well start using my wordpress.  It’s a good blogging site and I will learn to navigate, but boy do I resist change.

Anyway, over the last couple of months I’ve been working in my #1 flower bed which sits between my husband Barry’s shop and the sidewalk from the driveway to the house.  Barry laid the sidewalk with red brick pavers many years ago (I’m thinking maybe 20+ years) and until recently it has been straight as an arrow and flat as a flitter.  It’s still straight but the brick has begun to lift in places over the last couple of years caused by stinkin crab grass, which had also taken over a good portion of the bed forcing out all but the most determined of the wood iris and inviting in the stinkin stingin fire ants!   As bad as I hate to poison anything I treated the fire ants and in a week they were gone,  gone to the other end of the flower bed =/ so I treated the whole bed and when the coast was clear started digging up the grass and in the process the Iris, lots of little Star of Bethlehem, Bare Naked Ladies, Jonquil and other assorted bulbs, roots, rocks and worms (I was kinda surprised at the worms, I figured the ant killer would have done them in too).  The grass roots had grown under the pavers which had to be lifted one at a time to remove the mass of tangled white roots, the soil under them leveled and the pavers replaced, which left the sidewalk nice and flat again, no more tripping hazards for the toddlers and older folks like me.  I finished up last night after dark, in the light of the waxing gibbous Moon, Venus and Jupiter.

 Contemplative Nash

The thing about diggin in the dirt, and other simple tasks requiring little thought, is it gives you time to contemplate.

Life, the good the bad and the ugly, comes flowing back like black and white movie snippets.  Loved ones come and gone, mistakes made, victories won, hearts broken and hearts mended.  I thought a lot about my old black dog Tish, probably because yesterday was the anniversary of her death in 2013.


This morning I watched a Sunday Stills video from National Geographic called “Heal: A Best Friend Says Goodbye. Winner of the Best of the Festival award at the 2015 5Point Film Festival, this touching tribute to friendship, loyalty, and beating the odds takes us inside one adventurer’s last days”.  When I finished watching the video I was asked if I wanted to share the video and word press was one of the available share spots and alas…my first word press entry. ( I hope )

I’m not ready to give up Xanga just yet so I’ll be posting there too.

There’s this really smart scientist guy who thought people could learn a lot from dogs, when someone you love walks through the door, even if it happens five times a day you should go totally insane with joy

Denali: A New Film About a Man, His Dog, and Saying Goodbye.


7 thoughts on “Denali: A New Film About a Man, His Dog, and Saying Goodbye

  1. For the least your learnt the worm were not insects so was not killed by Insecticide!!! 🙂 🙂
    This flower bed deserved a photo ,Marsha ..Perhaps Nash is pictured in front of it .*The gardening eases the dream, allows to feel more the presence of god and also the allows celestial observations .
    You speak of Xanga and give me a heavy heart . 14 years . .
    It is not easy to find ones place in a new system of blogging . But on xanga so many left and finally I have been unable to renew my subscrition
    LOVE ❤

  2. I will get that movie and watch it. Gardening is so therapeutic. Love your post. I also cannot leave xanga as yet it seems. I am so addicted to it, even though I get only about four or five comments on my posts. Sometimes I am lazy and just don’t want to post anything at all. well, we’ll see how it goes. Love you. ❤

    • Hey!!!! It’s Marsha but I answer to Marcia also. I’m trying to get back in the habit of posting, I popped over to your wp site but I couldn’t figure out how to comment…thanks for coming over, I’m kind of excited about reuniting with other xangans here too! Have a blessed day!


  3. I was so excited to see you here too! It’s like a slow family reunion trying to occur. (pats heart, and points to Xanga) I just couldn’t find my way to stay at the new Xanga. Wasn’t the same and wasn’t going anywhere fast. I have resisted WordPress, because I wanted the old Xanga back. ONWARD we go.

  4. Hey there cousin! I am here still although my posting gets thin when I don’t get responses. Xanga used to tell me when I got a response. I miss it. hugs!

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