Shiver Me Timbers

I wrote this blog December 28, 2015 and never saw it again until today.  That was a bit disturbing for me and I felt like…what the hell…maybe I shouldn’t be posting, maybe I should concentrate more on real life…well today I felt like writing something about Orlando, real life….real scary life.  So here I am and while wandering around wordpress I found the link to the post below, I probably won’t ever find again, I’m not sure I’ll even be able to post it again but here goes.  I will attempt to post about Orlando after this, if it works out.  anyway here ya go, not that anyone will see it, but I do miss blogging, it’s really more of a journal for me, I think journals are important.  I think you are important too.  As my sister always says:


I hope everyone had a Wonderful Christmas.  We did!  All of our kids and their kids and their kids were here!

It was a different kind of Christmas though…it was 77* Christmas Day and it rain rain rained…It’s been raining for over a week, it’s still raining.

The thing about getting 4 or 5 inches of rain a day for over a week is that the ground becomes saturated.  In fact our yard is much like a bog…we’ve got bog ground cover growing all over the place…I’m pretty sure it’s watercress.


On the 26th at 1:00am an old Pin Oak (it must have been 150 years old or more) came down in the front yard.  I’m sure God had a hand in laying it down because it missed the house by less than 6 inches, it actually clipped about 4 inches of the corner of the roof.

roots (2)

close call (2)


One of the limbs fell over the cable/phone lines and pulled the fascia and soffit boards off the roof, which stretched the lines down to the ground but didn’t disconnect anything, so we didn’t lose the tv or the phones.

pin oak dec 26 2015 (2)

I know it sounds funny to say but we sure were blessed, and now I don’t have to worry about the tree falling on the house anymore or where we’ll find firewood to cut in case it ever gets cold.

I think it’s suppose to stop raining this Friday or Saturday,

foggy christmas 2015

meanwhile the fog gathers down by the creek and the iris are starting to bloom.

early iris

Happy New Year to All

remember to count your blessings!



2 thoughts on “Shiver Me Timbers

  1. You are living right Marcia. Or is it (Marsha?) First, the tree misses the home, how lucky was that. And then, you do not lose the power. God’s work is mysterious, no? it is good to see you posting here, dear heart.. Love you.

  2. I try to live right but know I fall short so often…I think we were blessed and it’s Marsha but you may call me anything you like…thank you for commenting, I miss blogging and will try to do better in the future …. ILYM

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